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Welcome to The King's Fund Library Database.

About the Database:

The King's Fund Database is the online catalogue for the Library Service of The King's Fund and is freely available for use by anyone looking for information in the areas we cover.

The King's Fund library collection holds material dating from 1897 to the present day, with material that focuses on health and social care policy and management, primarily in the United Kingdom. Due to the historical nature of this collection, there will be items that use outdated language, reflecting the terminology and attitudes of the past. Our team makes every effort to ensure that outdated and harmful language that would not be acceptable today is not used to describe our collection items on the library database. 

  • Subjects: health and social care management and policy, systems, services and leadership; we do not not cover clinical issues and treatments
  • Coverage: 1863 to present, including all The King’s Fund publications from 1898

The majority of books and reports before 2001 and journals before 2002 are now held in off-site storage.

Visiting the Library:

If you would like to visit the library, please book a space in advance of your visit.

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